Work placement should enable a student to employ theoretical knowledge in a working environment within the tourism and hospitality industries. Upon work placement completion, the students are expected to be well trained to work in a professional setting after graduation.
The chosen study programme at the Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism in Vrnjačka Banja defines both the manner in which work placement is organised as well as the appropriate time when it will take place. It is customary that the students undertake their work placement during summer months, i.e. in June, July, August and September, when there are no lectures at the Faculty. In exceptional cases, at a student’s request, the work placement can be done in January, i.e. prior to the beginning of summer semester. Furthermore, according to the Act on the Evaluation of Extracurricular Activities, the work placement can be undertaken even by the students whose study programme does not imply it. for whom it is not compulsory as defined by the chosen
The students can undertake their work placement either in the Republic of Serbia or abroad. The engagement of students can be either paid or unpaid by the organisation where the work placement is carried out. In the case of paid work placement, the student and the interested organisation sign a contract which defines all conditions, including fee, training duration, student insurance, accommodation options, meals, etc.
Work placement may be organised with the following tourism and hospitality entities:
1. Hospitality accommodation facilities (hotels, tourist settlements, camps, boarding houses, rural tourist households, etc.);
2. Tourism organizations;
3. Travel agencies (travel organisers or intermediaries in organising travel);
4. Transport companies and rent-a-car agencies;
5. Wineries;
6. Specialist hospitals;
7. Other entities that are directly or indirectly related to tourism (international organisations, consulting firms, insurance companies, etc.).
The organizational units to which a student may be assigned for work placement are:
• Management,
• Sales / Marketing,
• Event planning,
• Procurement,
• Finance / Accounting,
• Reception / Reservations,
• Food and Beverage (F&B),
• Housekeeping,
• Human Resources,
• Spa & Wellness.
The students’ work placement is managed by both the mentor of the tourism and hospitality entity where the work placement is done and the work placement manager from the Faculty. The work placement managers maintain contact with the mentors and, if necessary, visit students during the training period. It is also possible to undertake a work placement within the Erasmus+ mobility programme, when the students are obliged to fulfil all the conditions defined by the corresponding competition.