Marija Mandarić, PhD

Тitle, name and surname:
Marija Mandarić, PhD
Role: Full Professor
Research field: Business Economics
Office number: 2
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Time of consultations: Monday: 11-13h
Curriculum vitae: CV-српски



Undergraduate studies
University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Economics
Graduated in 2001.
Postgraduates studies
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics
MA thesis in 2007.
PhD  thesis
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics
PhD in 2012.


  • Marketing Research in Tourism
  • Brand Management   

Research interests

  • Marketing
  • Brand Management


  • Marinkovic, V., Senic, V. & Mandaric, M. (2010). Investigating Drivers of Repurchase and Word-of-mouth: an Empirical Study of Mobile Operators in Serbia. Scientific Conference: “Contemporary Issues in Economics, Business and Management”, Faculty of Economics – Kragujevac, December, published in Conference Proceedings titled “Contemporary issues in economics, business and management”, pp. 273-282.  (ISBN 978-86-6091-018-1)
  • Mandaric, M., Maksimovic, N., Sekulic, D. (2012). Applying of Information technology and the Internet in promotion of tourist destinations and consumer protection. VII International Conference, Mediterranean days, "Tourism: Challenges and Opportunities", Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, pp. 176-183. (ISBN: 978-86-7329-096-6)
  • Mandaric, M., Sekulic, D. (2013). Green Brands as Deteminats of Corporate Social Responsability. 3rd International Conference: „ Economics and management-based on new technologies - EmoNT 2013“, Vrnjačka Banja, Srbija, pp. 267- 270. (ISBN 978-86-6075-039-8)Petrović, J., Milićević, S., Đeri, L. (2017), The information and communications technology as a factor of destination competitiveness in transition countries in European Union, Tourism Economics, 23(6) 1353-1361.
  • Sekulić, D., Mandarić, M. (2013). Quality of service as a determinant of customer satisfaction in the hotel industry, Marketing, vol. 44, no. 3, pp. 231-246. (ISSN 0354-3471)

Project involvement

  • 544543-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-RS-TEMPUS-JPCR “Modernization and harmonization of tourism study programmes in Serbia-MHTSPS"
  • Strategy development of tourism in Raca
  • Project '' Encouraging rural tourism for sustainable local economic development '- Strategy of the tourism development of Kragujevac

Organization membership

  • Serbian Association for Marketing