About us

Faculty of Hotel Management and TourisDriven by an idea to create a unique program in hospitality that is supposed to support further tourism development in Serbia, the University of Kragujevac with the assistance of the Republic of Serbia, has established the Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism in Vrnjačka Banja in 2011. Certainly, one of the main objectives of the Faculty is develop new generations of managers prepared to undertake on greatest challenges of the modern hospitality industry. We aim to do so by creating a well balanced combination between classical lecturing and learning through hands-on experience. For that reason the Faculty has committed itself to finding the best partners in the tourism industry, starting from the well-know hotel chains and respected tour operators to organizers of large cultural manifestations and events. The desired goal is to prepare our students as much as possible for endeavors in their future careers, through enabling them to gain invaluable experience while still at school.

The Faculty is located in Vrnjačka Banja – a well renowned Serbian spa – which attracts tourist for over 175 years. Vrnjačka Banja is often referred to as the “queen of the continental tourism” and it is considered to be a birthplace of the Serbian tourism. So far, Vrnjačka Banja has welcomed hundreds of thousands tourists throughout its reach history.

Our vision

Our vision is to:

  • promote the Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism as an institution of academic excellence in teaching and doing research in the field of hospitality and tourism. 
  • educate highly professional and competitive managers in the field of hotel and tourism management, who will be guest oriented, as well as, innovative and entrepreneurial, efficient and effective, and capable of functioning in the environment that is defined by diversity, uncertainty and rapid changes.
  • become one of the most credible academic institutions in hospitality and tourism education in the region of Southeast Europe.

Our mission

Our mission is to:

  • nurture and disseminate knowledge in a diverse field of hospitality and tourism both, on the local, as well as, international levels and to prepare our students to be capable of taking leader positions in the hospitality and tourism sectors. 
  • conduct and disseminate applied research with clearly defined objectives to assist existing managers in hotel and tourist organizations to lead their companies with more success in today’s dynamic environment.
  • actively serve the university, as well as, local and international communities through taking part in various activities of significance in the sphere of hospitality and tourism.

Our philosophy

We strongly believe that every individual has a capacity to achieve excellence through learning and accepting of moral values in order to become a professional manager capable of further widening his/her own knowledge horizons, while giving a notable contribution to developing society in general.

Our competencies

Knowledge transfer

  • Assuring that our students are obtaining latest knowledge through well planned and up-to-date curriculums.
  • Assuring that professors and teaching assistants use modern technologies in disseminating theoretical knowledge and practical skills to students.
  • Assuring that the process of evaluation used for theoretical and practical purposes represents a successful way in assessing student’s learning.
  • Assuring that the learning environment is pleasant.
  • Assuring that study programs are frequently updated (every three to five years) in order to timely adjust them to the needs of the hospitality and tourism sectors.

 Research and innovation

  • Encouraging the academic environment based on research, innovation and constant sharing of ideas among professors and teaching assistants.
  • Assuring adequate infrastructure that stimulates research and innovation among the faculty.
  • Supporting and strengthening intellectual atmosphere.
  • Encouraging consultations and publications of scientific work in order to improve the credibility of the Faculty.

 Involvement with the local community

  • In order to establish a true liaison with the community and public in general, the Faculty will fulfill its academic mission and timely inform key stakeholders on the progress made.
  • We will support all the activities that are benefiting the community.

Organizational culture

We will be an organization that learns through team work and mutual understanding.


We are committed to winning. We commit ourselves to scientific research, academic excellence and sharing of ideas for the benefit of all identified stakeholders.

Strategic objectives


  • Extend boundaries and improve the level of current knowledge in hospitality and tourism, followed by performing a well-rounded scientific research at the international level, that will be applicable and of use for hotel and tourism sectors of Southeast Europe.
  • Educate hotel and tourism managers with moral integrity, competence that is internationally applicable and positive attitude needed for success in professional environment. 
  • Provide academic services in order to improve competitiveness of hotels and tourism in the region of Southeast Europe. 
  • Develop partnerships and constantly do networking with international organizations.
  • Strengthen the Faculty’s image and acquire a strong international accreditation.
  • Create attractive and efficient academic work environment in order to promote academic and economic development as well as promote the spirit of volunteerism among students as well as faculty and non-faculty staff.


Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism in Vrnjačka Banja
Vojvodjanska bb
36210 Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia.
email: hitvb@kg.ac.rs
tel: (+381 36) 515 00 24
fax: (+381 36) 515 00 25