Marija V. Paunović, PhD

Тitle, name and surname: Marija V. Paunović, PhD
Role: Assistant Professor
Research field: Applied Mathematics
Office number: 18
Е-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Time of consultations: Monday 10-12
Curriculum vitae: CV-српски; CV-english
Date of promotion: 14.7.2021. 


Undergraduate studies
Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade
Master Studies
Faculty of Economics in Belgrade

  1. PhD studies
    Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad
  1. Doctorate
    Faculty of Computer Science in Belgrade


  • Applied Mathematics and Statistics
  • Business Mathematics
  • Business Statistics
  • Methodology

Research interests

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Uncertainty theory
  • Fuzzy Mathematics
  • Decision theory
  • Fixed point

Selected references

RESULTS OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH (selected references) – Marija Paunović, PhD.: download

  • Mohammadia, B., Paunovic, M., Vahid Parvanah, V., & Mursaleen, M. (2023). Existence of solution for some φ-Caputo fractional differential inclusions viaWardowski-Mizoguchi-Takahashi multi-valued contractions, Filomat 37:12 (2023), 3777–3789.
  • Paunovic, M., Hadi Bonab, S., & Parvaneh, V. (2023). Weak Wardowski contractions in generalized triple-controlled modular metric spaces and generalized triple-controlled fuzzy metric spaces. In Debnath, P., Castillo, O. & Kumam, P. (Eds.), Soft Computing: Recent Advances in Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, Chapter 4, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis.
  • Das, A., Paunović, M., Parvaneh, V., Mursaleen, M. & Bagheri, Z. (2023). Existence of a solution to an infinite system of weighted fractional integral equations of a function with respect to another function via a measure of noncompactness. Demonstratio Mathematica, 56(1), A163, 20220192.
  • Fernandez, J., Malviya, N., Savić, A., Paunović, M, & Mitrović, ZD. (2022). The Extended Cone b-Metric-like Spaces over Banach Algebra and Some Applications. Mathematics, 10(1), 149.
  • Savić A., Bilgin, M., Ersoy S., & Paunović M. (2022). Topologies of Bihyperbolic Numbers. Mathematics, 2022, 10(22) 4224.
  • Chandra Deuri, B., Paunovic, M., Das, A. & Parvaneh, V. (2022). Solution of a Fractional Integral Equation Using the Darbo Fixed Point Theorem, Journal of Mathematics, vol. 2022, Article ID 8415616, 7 pages.
  • Panja, S., Roy, K., Paunović, M.V. et al. Fixed points of weakly K-nonexpansive mappings and a stability result for fixed point iterative process with an application. J Inequal Appl 2022, 90 (2022).
  • Paunovic, M., Mohammadi, B., & Parvaneh, V. (2022). On weak Wardowski contractions and solvability of ℘-caputo implicit fractional pantograph differential equation with generalized anti-periodic boundary conditions, Journal of Nonlinear and Convex Analysis, vol 23, no. 6, 1261-1274,
  • Ralević, N. & Paunović, M. (2021). Applications of the Fuzzy Metrics in Image Denoising and Segmentation. Tehnički vjesnik, 28 (3), 819-826.
  • Paunović, M., Ralević, N., & Gajović, V. (2020). Application of the C-Credibility Measure. Tehnički vjesnik, 27 (1), 237-242. (IF 2019: 0.670)
  • Ralević N., & Paunović M. (2019). c-Credibility Measure. Filomat, Vol 33, No 9 , 2571-2582. (IF 2019: 0.848)

Project involvement

  • Support for Rural Development Programming and Payment System, EAR Project SRDPPS, No. 04SER01/09/002, Vakakis International S.A. (Greece) in assoc. With Teagasc (Ireland), SAAMRD (Slovenia) and ALTEC S.A (Greece)
  • Institute for energy, agriculture, sustainable development and environmental protection, study: Game theory and strategic management, 2016.
  • Introduction and implementation of the FMC system into local public service providers (public utility companies and public institutions) from Western Serbia - a mechanism for protection users of services against corruption, non-transparency and inadequate monitoring, Centar za održiv i lokalni regionalni razvoj/ Vlada SAD, 2019/20.
  • Actuarial Assesment of the Liabilities of Insurance Company Dunav osiguranje, Sterling Merchant Finance ltd, Washington, USA, 2007
  • Digital Learning Games for Mathematics, Computer Science and Social Science Education, II IT-5001/20.
  • Creation of advanced mathematical methods in the process of developing sophisticated information and communication technologies in economics, medicine, technology, physics and education, MRN-6001/2020.
  • Assessment of the impact of Covid-19 on social and economic development, U-001/20.

Organization membership

  • Member, secretary and one of the founders of the Serbian Actuarial Association,
  • Member of the Serbian Mathematical Society,
  • Delegated member of two committees of the International Actuarial Association (IAA)
  • Supranational Relations Committee and Advice & Assistance Committee.